New Dreamy Exquisite Fur Accessories On Sale


Come visit Exquisite Furs to shop our newest Fur Accessories. Accent your signature style with original and unique faux fur, cashmere, and suede products to complete your wardrobe. These dreamy products are sure to draw your attention and make you want to expand your fur wardrobe.

New Elite Fur Accessories on Sale!

Exquisite Furs has added Accessories For You.  We have Fur Hats, Gloves, Scarves, Fur Slippers, and other Fur and cashmere items.  Your Outfit is not complete until you have added accessories, and we wanted you to have options.  Check out all our Accessories Fur You on our Website. Be sure to look at the Faux Rabbit fur Cape which looks remarkable when paired with the matching-colored Headband.   And, add a matching pair of  Suede Leather Gloves with Fur to complete your outfit.  You will feel luxurious and confident in your lovely outfit.  You will also draw attention and get many complements. 

White Fur Headband
Thick Fur Fluffy Headband
Wine Red Suede Gloves with Fur
 Suede Leather Gloves
with Fur 

Fur Rabbit Mini Keychain 

These are all new items that are on SALE until March 31st 2022

One of my personal favorites which is currently on SALE is the Fur Rabbit Mini Keychain. I know it’s not something you can wear, but you can link your keys to this fluffy soft keychain to accent what your wearing. Take for instance if you’re wearing some UGG Boots, and one of our fly fur coats and a warm beanie with a comfy cashmere sweater underneath. If all of these items are Pink, or Black or Beige, you can find the matching color keychain to also match your IPhone or Samsung Galaxy Phone or Phone case to accent your wardrobe. Now you’re complete from head to toe. All that’s missing is the perfect purse.

Fur Slippers

Speaking of Head to Toe, checkout these luxury furry slippers and slip your pedicured feet into them!

Double Loop
Light Khaki Double Loop Sandals
Fluffy Fur Butterfly Slippers
Beige Butterfly Sandals
Fluffy Fur Butterfly Slippers
Black Butterfly Sandals

Click Here to browse through our wide array of different style fur sandals to match your style! 😉

Show off your fleek pedicure with these pretty ladies. These Fur Sandals will be the perfect finish for your fur-fit so you’re always fly from head to toe. We’ve included every accessory to suit the needs of those with finer taste! Checkout our assortment of Fur Items and Accessories so you aren’t missing a thing! If there’s anything we’ve missed, be sure to write us and make sure to let us know what you’d like to see on the site! We take our customer’s opinions very seriously. As you can see, we’re on top of the search engines for a reason. People love to shop at Exquisite Furs! Enjoy and shop away…

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